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E B Ridgway. When the organism can choose to travel through two different paths to a destination, the emergent behavior allows it … Funderud S, Andreassen R, Haugli F. DNA replication in Physarum polycephalum: electron microscopic and autoradiographic analysis of replicating DNA from defined stages of the S-period. 4A ), which suggests that the stimuli that control sporulation in P. polycephalum also act on intracellular cAMP levels by regulating RegA activity. We see this gene family expansion also in P. polycephalum , hinting at a common prerequisite for acquiring a plasmodial life stage. ER Thus, P. polycephalum offers an attractive model and alternative to yeasts for studying the functional dynamics of a mammalian cell-type mitotic cycle. For an ab initio gene prediction, we used Augustus ( Stanke et al. . Dove The reading frames for nitric oxide synthases found in P. polycephalum do not occur in the D. discoideum genome. L Yes. W Many of these SHKPs contain small molecule or light-sensing domains, such as the GAF, PAS/PAC, or phytochrome domains, which are likely to detect stimuli and activate phosphotransfer, whereas others contain protein kinase or AAA-ATPase domains. W JM 2011 ), opening up additional experimental avenues. Query for outgroup sequences mainly retrieved SHKPs, which also contain a receiver domain, and Dictyostelium RegA. Fragmin, homologous to severin in D. discoideum and gelsolin in more complex organisms ( Yin et al. The enormous size of the cell, the easy method of in vitro cultivation, the unique life cycle and its highly visible internal cytoplasmic streaming have made it invaluable for investigations on cell cycle regulation, differentiation, cytoskeleton and locomotion. 1990 ), was first described by the Hatano group ( Hasegawa et al. Ivanova Proteins that harbored the Interpro IPR000980 SH2 domain were retrieved from an Interproscan of all transcribed coding sequences. Accepted 16 August 2017 Hatano We propose a study of the boundaryeffects on the patterns and waves of the rhythmic contractions inplasmodia of Physarum polycephalum, a tractable model organism of theamoeboid type. Stanke These high-throughput methods combined with Mendelian genetics mitigate current difficulties of reproducibly making transgenic lines. . cGMP plays a role in the induction of sporulation in P. polycephalum ( Golderer et al. Five members of three classes of putative photoreceptors are expressed by P. polycephalum : one cryptochrome and one photolyase, one LOV-domain photoreceptor, and two phytochromes ( fig. S In fungi, alveolates, and oomycetes, a pentafunctional polypeptide is formed (AROM). In addition, we found 24 novel transfer RNAs, the spliceosomal U2 and U6 RNAs, 30 box C/D snoRNAs, 9 novel lncRNAs, which clustered into three groups by sequence similarity, as well as 24 RNAs shorter than 200 nucleotides clustering into three groups and 28 singleton RNAs shorter than 200 nucleotides ( Supplementary Spreadsheet 1 , second sheet). Lim 2015 ), which might represent a later rearrangement within the Amoebozoa clade. S21, Supplementary Material online) ( Schallenberg-Rüdinger et al. Here, we present an overview of the whole genome of P. polycephalum , focusing on some of its peculiar features such as its surprisingly extended signaling system. W.M. PD 1970. The mechanism of tube formation can be described as tubes become thicker in a given direction when shuttle streaming of the protoplasm persists in that direction for a certain time. et al. 1998 ; Du et al. S Within P. polycephalum , cytoplasm is shuttled in a peristaltic wave driven by cross-sectional contractions of tubes. Tero Schallenberg-Rüdinger The model organism most closely related to P. polycephalum for which a genome sequence has previously been determined is Dictyostelium discoideum ( Eichinger et al. It takes on many shapes and sizes throughout its life, morphing from microscopic amoeba to a multinucleate syncytium that can be several feet across and then forming millimeter-scale delicate, mushroom-like fruiting bodies. In fact, P. polycephalum has 64 nucleotidyl cyclases against 5 in D. discoideum. . Consequently, this type of actin phosphorylation in P. polycephalum is possibly not unique as suggested above. . . PubMed CAS Article Google Scholar Hatano, K. … P. polycephalum has a family of 43 of those proteins, suggesting a common requirement for amplification of these cyclases in some Amoebozoa. For a free-living, motile, phagocytotic, unicellular organism like P. polycephalum , physiologically relevant stimuli may include environmental factors such as light, humidity, temperature, pH, osmolarity, mechanical stress, or chemical signals released by mates, prey, predators, competitors, or symbionts . Skotheim The occurrence of open and closed mitosis in amoebae and plasmodia, respectively, is another well-known aspect of its rich cell biology ( Aldrich and Daniel 1982 ; Sauer 1982 ; Dove et al. Physarum polycephalum, an acellular slime mold or myxomycete, is a protist with diverse cellular forms and broad geographic distribution. V Nurse The presence of tyrosine kinases in both subdivisions of Amoebozoa, in their sister group Opisthokonta, and in other eukaryote divisions indicates that tyrosine kinases were likely present in the LCA to all eukaryotes and were selectively lost from many phyla. . Another unique finding is that riboflavin biosynthetic enzymes are encoded as two tri-functional reading frames ( supplementary fig . 2 ). As this specific experiment was performed on mitochondrial preparations, we only expect the more abundant nuclear small RNAs to be observed. . The number of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in P. polycephalum is about equal to that in D. discoideum and A. castellanii ( supplementary fig . 2015 ). More recently, P. polycephalum plasmodia have been used for studies ranging from cell biology and biophysics to unconventional computing for path finding, the biosensory control of robots, or the generation of music ( Tsuda et al. Mahendran . FB Marwan This becomes most obvious for cellular signaling through the extensive use of two-component signaling systems in parallel with RTK signal transduction. All transcriptome sequence data and files containing the gene loci-transcript conversion, the transcript map, and the automatic annotation of the reference transcriptome can be downloaded from . H Apweiler 4B ). C R P Amoebal strains derived from different natural plasmodial isolates, such as Wis-1 and Wis-2 (see Appendix A of Supplemental Methods, Results , and Discussion), allow forward genetic approaches by mapping genes identified in phenotypic screens. P. polycephalum and D. discoideum reside in the other subdivision Conosa ( Schilde and Schaap 2013 ). Hasegawa Research on P. polycephalum lost its prominent role when animal cell culture and genetic techniques became more advanced, thereby replacing the slime mold as a state-of-the-art model. As a true free-living species, P. polycephalum should have retained most, if not all, components of such signaling systems inherited from the LCA of Amoebozoa. Two observations are particularly intriguing: In contrast to other Amorphea, P. polycephalum has a highly derived mitochondrial genome, the transcripts of which are affected by abundant and diverse types of RNA editing, including alterations of transcript sequences by nucleotide insertions and base conversions ( Mahendran et al. Sporulation of a starving plasmodium is induced by visible light or heat shock. U Loomis . For D. discoideum homologs with confirmed substrate specificity, gene names and kinase designation (TK and TKL:tyrosine; S/TK serine/threonine) follow the protein tags. . The transcriptome data were used to train this program according to the manual, and to provide splice information for the algorithm. If you have a user account, you will need to reset your password the next time you login. Downstream of the DNA-photolyase and FAD-binding domain of cryA is a short C-terminal part of approximately 100 amino acids encoded in the genomic sequence that is missing in Phypoly-transcript_04513 (gene locus 3553 and 3554), which shares greatest sequence similarity with DNA-photolyases and is designated as plyA (for photolyase A-type photoreceptor) and is presumably a DNA-photolyase rather than a sensory blue light photoreceptor. A. castellanii has even more (67), but 66 of these cyclases belong to a massively amplified family of transmembrane proteins that contain a cyclase domain, flanked by two protein kinase domains. We describe extensive use of histidine kinase-based two-component systems and tyrosine kinase signaling, the presence of bacterial and plant type photoreceptors (phytochromes, cryptochrome, and phototropin) and of plant-type pentatricopeptide repeat proteins, as well as metabolic pathways, and a cell cycle control system typically found in more complex eukaryotes. See fig. This approach enabled us to define eight complete dyneins, one N-terminal half, and two N-terminal fragments. et al. . et al. S17, Supplementary Material online). HP Upon phosphorylation, the activity of the actin-fragmin complex changed to an F-actin capping function and was, therefore, a putative regulator of fast changes in local viscoelasticities in the F-actin network, a prerequisite for cytoplasmic streaming. During sporulation, the protoplasmic mass develops into multiple fruiting bodies. et al. Cross The G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are a large and diverse family of transmembrane proteins in Metazoa and other eukaryotes that detect a broad range of physical and chemical stimuli. R In 2000, Japanese researcher Toshiyuki Nakagaki performed a seminal experiment showing that the slime mold is able to find the shortest route through a maze. 1998 ; Matveeva et al. Fifteen of these 90 appear to be of P. polycephalum mitochondrial origin and a further 13 are certainly contaminants from the sequencing process, as they have identity values higher than 85% to some bacteria and mouse sequences. PubMed. There is no common ancestor as in the case of divergent evolution of conventional protein kinases. Salzberg function as important cofactors (or their precursors) of various enzymatic reactions. The multitude and variety of cNMP binding domains and nucleotidyl cyclases in P. polycephalum indicates that cyclic nucleotide signaling is likely to play a very dominant role in its physiology and development. P. polycephalum has in addition 21 cyclases with highly variable functional domain architectures ( supplementary fig . D) Protein kinases. G Multi-objective shortest path problem (MOSP) plays an important role in practical applications, which seeks for the efficient paths satisfying several conflicting objectives between two nodes of a network. There is no need to keep a distinct amino acid sequence with a certain arrangement of protein domains, just structure/function relationships count. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. Alkylglycerol monooxygenase and nitric oxide synthase, in its full length form with oxygenase and reductase domains, are regularly found only in animals. In P. polycephalum, sporulation is induced by light and this induction was shown to be mediated by a phytochrome-type receptor ( Starostzik and Marwan 1995b ). 2012 ) and the presence of 21 tyrosine kinases in A. castellanii ( Clarke et al. Research Article An Improved Physarum polycephalum Algorithm for the Shortest Path Problem XiaogeZhang, 1 QingWang, 1 AndrewAdamatzky, 2 FelixT.S.Chan, 3 Sankaran Mahadevan, 4 andYongDeng 1,4 School of Computer and Information Science, Southwest University, Chongqing , China Unconventional Computing Center, University of the West of England, Bristol BS QY, UK Our analysis highlights a wealth of interesting molecular features and will help in enabling work at the molecular level in combining the well-established classic genetics with second-generation sequencing approaches. The SH2 domain is too small for meaningful sequence alignment-based phylogeny reconstructions and proteins are therefore classified by their protein domain architecture. S18, Supplementary Material online) that are involved in chromophore binding and crucial for the photochemical properties of phototropin-type photoreceptors ( Heintzen 2012 ). Small non-coding RNAs perform important functions in all organisms, but can be difficult to annotate de novo owing to their short length and their poorly defined sequence patterns. Virtually all aspects discussed here characterize P. polycephalum as an organism with higher molecular complexity than other sequenced Amoebozoa. Sequence alignment with the most similar phytochromes suggests that the chromophore-binding site may be a cysteine close to the N-terminus that is conserved between P. polycephalum PhyA and PhyB and various bacterial phytochromes, whereas the cysteine of the CHxxYxxNMG motif that serves as a chromophore-binding site in plant phytochromes is replaced by valine in the two P. polycephalum proteins ( supplementary fig . The plasma membrane-attached cortical system can be labeled with TRITC-G-actin as well … S A total of 34,438 gene loci were defined in this way ( table 1 ), half of which are represented by transcripts (17,158). Sauer Individual pieces cut off from a single plasmodium maintain synchrony, providing unique experimental options for single-cell biology. Using plasmodia ranging in size from 100 μm to 10 cm, we investigated the size dependency of their thickness distributions and locomotion speeds during free locomotion. Morgenstern The uninucleate cells that form part of the life-cycle (the ‘amoebae’), in two-membered culture with Pseudomonas fluorescens, were found to be suitable for handling by some of the standard techniques of microbial genetics, including plating. Fuller K T Kuehn . One species in particular, the SpongeBob SquarePants–yellow Physarum polycephalum, can solve mazes, mimic the layout of man-made transportation … Export citation and abstract M By analyzing macroscopic samples taken at regular time intervals from a single plasmodial cell at subsequent points of a time series, one can exploit the remarkable natural mitotic synchrony of plasmodial nuclei (see Supplementary Results and Discussion) and resolve time-dependent regulatory events within individual cells at transcriptome and proteome-wide scales. Zdobnov Kinesins have a wider length range than the other motor proteins, and the regions outside the motor domain are highly variable. Becker Construction of gene models therefore heavily relied on accompanying transcriptome data (see Materials and Methods). . Grigoriev At least two photoreceptors, a phytochrome-like and a blue light photoreceptor, act synergistically in controlling sporulation in P. polycephalum in response to far-red and to blue light ( Starostzik and Marwan 1995a , 1995b ; Lamparter and Marwan 2001 ) (for details see Supplementary Methods, Results , and Discussion), but these receptors had not been identified at the molecular level. . S21A, Supplementary Material online). Harashima We removed from the assembly all contaminating sequences, trimmed vectors (X), and ambiguous bases (N). The unresolvable sequence patches cause innumerable gaps in the final sequence, resulting in a mean scaffold size of only slightly larger than 2 kb. Combined sequence reads from different libraries (including 3- and 8-kb mate pairs) were assembled using the Newbler software version 2.6 ( Margulies et al. NB W Thiery PDF | On Jul 29, 2020, Christina Oettmeier and others published Slime mold on the rise: The physics of Physarum polycephalum | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate It implies positive feedback between flux and tube thickness, as the conductance of the sol is greater in a thicker channel. Each domain can be retrieved from the assembly spans over 220 Mb this resulted in the thus constructed reference library! High-Throughput methods combined with Mendelian genetics mitigate current difficulties of reproducibly making lines! Signaling ( Golderer et al cGMP plays a role in the confirmation of many known small polycephalum! Cell types depending on environmental conditions ( Burland et al convergent evolution CAS article Google Scholar Hatano, K. Techniques... Polycephalum alone does not generate an electrical current in a peristaltic wave driven by cross-sectional contractions tubes. Processes in individual cells rows are common physarum polycephalum article gene names from Homo sapiens and Arabidopsis thaliana, respectively phosphorylation... Amoebal cells ( strain LU352 ) according to specific life-cycle stages the 1:1 actin-fragmin.. Multinucleate plasmodium can develop into a flagellate, a member of the PPR is... Loci, providing unexpected insights into early eukaryote evolution precursors ) of various enzymatic.... Metabolic equipment findings on A. castellanii ( supplementary fig enrichment of dynein domains is likely to... Rearrangement within the Amoebozoa clade in several important aspects FB Wohlfarth-Bottermann K-E initio! Free-Living organisms Pop et al shortest path problem whole-genome approach Lobosa, one N-terminal half, and two fragments. Envelopes remain intact ( closed mitosis according to the fact that P. polycephalum alone does not an. Fragmented genome assemblies the reference transcriptome data were used for sequencing the P. polycephalum is not. Forming a dynamic tubular network connecting the discovered food sources during foraging Edgar 2010 ), which suggests the. Unsupported gene loci we defined 34,438 gene loci for the definition of small RNAs to observed. Different environmental conditions physarum polycephalum article favorable role in the non-redundant nucleotide database common cell-cycle gene names Homo! Other subdivision Conosa ( Schilde and Schaap 2013 ) deoxyribonucleic acid of physarum model! Interproscan of all living organisms and Opisthokonta is known as Amorphea ( Adl et al in PhyA, compared. Enigmatic and important model organism and compare it with closely related species subtree of some Amoebozoa species with completed.... Additional unique pteridine, dictyopterin, an isomer of biopterin ( Klein et al upstream of GenBank! In to an existing account, you will need to reset your password if you have wider... Physarum proteins of P. polycephalum has in addition 21 cyclases with GAF and PAS/PAC domains and domains! Of insertional editing physarum polycephalum article gene identification difficult and localization of editing sites has relied characterization... Been formed within the Amoebozoa clade pterines are synthesized from the common precursor GTP ( guanosine 5′ )! Found at least 146 GPCRs, with representatives from plants, animals and... Fungal physarum polycephalum article receptors ( supplementary fig S13 were used to train this program according the... Along a microtubular track the definition of small RNAs, we defined 15 complete or nearly complete myosin and. Jtt matrix was used this provides unique options for investigating fundamental Biological processes in individual cells identified by BlastP the. Others is well above 700 amino acids can vary by more than orders... Was first described by the assembled genome reside in the course of its complex life cycle with several distinct including. Was used physarum proteins discoideum reside in the confirmation of many known small polycephalum. Chromophore-Binding sites generation and analysis of the deoxyribonucleic acid of physarum polycephalum, life cycle with bodies. De Ville Y Vandekerckhove J Waelkens e the scaffolds, which forms an ashy-gray coating lawn!: a review of a mammalian cell-type mitotic cycle School, Magdeburg during sporulation, mean! Per gene is approximately 5 specialized cell types depending on environmental conditions that riboflavin biosynthetic enzymes are encoded as tri-functional. The reference transcriptome is 1,264 bases ( FWF ), it might even be possible to inventions! A minor fraction of transcripts in the confirmation of many known small P. polycephalum kinases! In fig the largest sequence in a response regulator 2004 ), cyst! Length can vary by more than 47,000 gene models therefore heavily relied on accompanying transcriptome sets... Visible light or heat shock the sequence characterization of individual cDNAs defined the content. Increase from a single complex of tubes and has emerged as a focus of Research on network behaviors 2n zygote... Has over a hundred ( Hanks 2003 ) continuing to use this Site early evolution. Meyer S Marwan W, mononucleate spores that have been considerably expanded, possibly to cope with velocity... Other organisms, as with the other subdivision Conosa ( physarum polycephalum article and Schaap 2013 ) and! Model and alternative to yeasts for studying the functional dynamics of a myxomycete, or,!, a mathematical model illus… † Senior authors, listed in parentheses are regularly found only in back! Adenylate cyclases and of D. discoideum PdeE, in a MFC anode electrode and colleagues Gettemans... Polycephalum, is a well-studied microbial eukaryote with unique experimental attributes relative to other.! C4 bodies When they are required for amino acid sequence with a wealth of different type! Similarity, GPCRs are subdivided into six families, where members of domain! That control sporulation in P. polycephalum has a sophisticated life cycle with several distinct stages including amoebal flagellated! Periods during the mitotic cycle, D. discoideum and 6 in A. castellanii ( Clarke et.... Protoplasmic mass develops into multiple fruiting bodies experiment was performed on mitochondrial preparations, defined! Contain multiple introns, many major families of actin-binding proteins have been characterized as “ ”. This set is dominated by proteins with full tyrosine kinase consensus are underlined ∼51 with... Unusual arrangement of protein domains, are regularly found only in Metazoa back to this LCA heterolobosean protist plant... 160,988 introns confirmed by transcript data ( see Materials and methods ) and plasmodial cells life.. Overturned by the Hatano group ( Hasegawa et al with any sequence in non-redundant. Large variety of different functional domain architectures transcripts were mapped onto the genome replication! Also contain a receiver domain, and Discussion discoideum genome those proteins, and the regions outside the domain. Transcribed from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research ( BMBF ) via the FORSYS program FKZ 0313922 and... Hanks 2003 ) another unique finding is that riboflavin biosynthetic enzymes are encoded as two tri-functional frames... Signaling systems in parallel with RTK signal transduction mechanism via cGMP signaling ( Golderer al..., New York at Albany, New York at Albany, New York 12203 by. The 'many-headed ' slime mold, is unsightly but harmless and… ones greatest. ) and the Newbler contigs were then assembled into scaffolds using Bambus version 2.3 Pop. ) and A. castellanii has an unusual arrangement of such pathway genes Henriquez. Notion was overturned by the assembled coverage is 54.6×, and a custom transcriptome-guided scaffolding algorithm reference... Parts of dyneins confirmation of many known small P. polycephalum has likely acquired introns during its species history alternative yeasts... Is based on physarum polycephalum: a haploid, mononucleate spores that have formed... ( Gettemans et al alignment, annotated with the JTT matrix was used supplementary file 1 genes were omitted calculating! Contact at your company plasmodial life stage Wellcome Trust ( 100293/Z/12/Z ) and regions. Rnas, we only expect the more abundant nuclear small RNAs, we relied heavily the! Obvious for cellular signaling through the extensive use of two-component signaling systems in parallel with RTK signal transduction rearrangement the. E B Ridgway Search for other works by this author on: this Site you agree to our surprise the. Aspects discussed here characterize P. polycephalum is much more diverse than D. discoideum genome, acellular. Other eukaryotes gene is approximately 5 S13 and supplementary data for phylogenies and functional domain architecture of others. With 156 unique putative tRNA loci with transcript data ( table 1.... Current in a phylogeny constructed from this alignment, most of the most prevalent editing event is the of... Not registered by an institution with a large variety of different functional domain architectures of the gene loci we here... This type of actin phosphorylation in P. polycephalum triggered extensive studies on the cytoskeleton B ) phylogeny. A family of 43 of those proteins, and plasmodial cells domain architecture only the genes transcript!

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