Vacations In Philippines

Vacations in Philippines

Vacations in Philippines

Vacations in Philippines will be unforgettable! An exciting world…

Do you like adventure and trips in the jungle, or just looking for a romantic travel to an exotic destination? No matter what, get ready to be charmed by a unique trip!

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Philippines and Influences

Philippines is a mosaic of ethnicities, a country full of diversities, with intense Spanish and American influences. Do you know Philippines owes its name to the King Philip of Spain?

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Bohol Island-Chocolate Hills

1776 symmetrical chocolate- brown limestone hills, 30-50 metres tall, stand there waiting for you to admire them. Discover this amazing World Heritage Natural Monument, which remains an unexplained geological phenomenon! Furthermore, you will meet there the Tarsier, the smallest primate mammal in the world.

Sandy Beaches and Islands with waterfalls

Amazing beaches of white sand, full of coconuts recognized as the most beautiful in the world. Cebu, Palawan, Boracay… all of them will excite you! Picturesque cities, waterfalls and corals, laying there for you.

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Meet the Ifugaos, a particular ethnic group, living in the terraced rice fields of Bagaan, fed mainly with rice. Get familiar with their rituals and learn how they construct their shacks.

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Do you want more adventure? Swim with whales in the crystal waters of Oslob or go to Baler for surfing!

Spend the night in a kubo, a traditional Philippines hut made of bamboo, as a local!

Philippines – The Total Experience

Get on a Jeepney, an American troop transporter of the 2nd World War, used by the locals as a vehicle. You’ll be surprised by the cheesy decoration and the overcrowding…

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