Vacation in Pakistan

Vacation in Pakistan

Vacation in Pakistan

Vacation in Pakistan leads on a mysteriousjourney into time. Untamed tribes, whole-hearted people, beautiful historical monuments, labyrinthine flea markets, landscapes that beggar all belief. Every corner of Pakistan is like an outdoor museum.

If you are an adventure seeker or you desire to unravelthe historical past, then Vacation in Pakistan is tailor-made for you. Get ready for a journey of exploration in the most unpredictable country!

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Islamabad, the strategic capital

Islamabad is the new capital of Pakistan, chosen for its easily accessible location. The city was designed by the Greek architect, Apostolo Doxiadi. From the moment you arrive, you will get the impression of travelling back in time. Indeed, Islamabad has been stuck in the1960s.

Cross the enormous boulevards and visit the impressive Lok Virsa Museum. Then, head to the remarkable Shah Faisal Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the whole Asia. Its extraordinary contemporary design alluding to a Bedouin tent, comes in stark contrast to the Islamic traditions. Don’t forget to visit the Margalla Hills at the Himalayan foothills. Here, you will find a beautiful oasis of evergreen mountains, waterfalls, gorges.. Ideal for hiking.

Shah Faisal Mosque!

Shah Faisal Mosque

Lahore, the cultural center

The noble city with the prestigious past.. Lahore saw a significant development in the 16thcentury during the Mongolian dynasty when Genghis Khan’s descendants swept the region.

Today, Lahore preserves untouched its authentic character. It is marked by the richness of its cultural heritage, the natural beauty, the Indian-Mongolian mausoleums, the immense 9-meter walls..  Among them, the Castle of Lahore, the Shalimar Gardens and the Palace with the Mirrors truly stand out. The bustling traditional market Anarkali will mesmerize you. On your way back, take a legendary ride with the famous tok-tok tricycle.


Karachi, the Pakistanian megacity

The city that never sleeps. It is the most densely populated city of Pakistan, with residents from all over the world. Karachi pulses with nightlife, with some of the best musical scenes that you have come across. During the morning hours, choose from a wide range of activities including riding a camel, relaxing at the Clifton beach or visiting to the unprecedented outdoor food market at Port Grand Bridge!

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Lahore Streets
Sialkot, the industrial centre

 Sialkot was once the easternmost outpost of Alexander the Great’s empire. Thereafter, it evolved to an important industrial hub producing diversified goods from athleticwear and ceramics to surgical instruments.

There is plenty to see in Sialkot! The highlights? The glorious shops of Chowk Allama Iqba, the clocktower in the Saddar Bazaar the majestic Marala Headworks! An outstanding hydromechanical piece that has been transformed to a wildlife reserve. Don’t dare to miss it!

Vacation in the seductive Pakistan, the country where you feel hemmed in by history at every turn.