Vacation in Dublin

Vacation in Dublin

Vacation in Dublin 

Vacation in Dublin..Irish pubs, vibrant walkways, cutting-edge street art & loads of music.. all found in the footsteps of the Vikings! Yes you are right! We are talking about Dublin, the capital of the Emerald Isle!

Dublin will welcome you with its friendly people, but most of all with plenty of Irish crafted beer! Vacation in Dublin is an absolute must!

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A historic trip

The historic walk begins at the noisy O’ Connell street! It is the main thoroughfare! Visit the General Post Office, one of the most popular historic attractions! The site where the first Irish uprising against the British took place in 1916! You can still see the bullet holes!

Just opposite, you will notice the notorious futuristic sculpture Millennium Spire! Despite the initial disappointment of the locals, they have come to love it! Nowadays, it is the main meeting place among the Irish! 

The city walls of Dublinia mark the medieval side of Dublin! Cross the city walls to reach the majestic Dublin castle with the exceptional architecture of the era! Here Vikings seem to resurrect!

Dublinia Walls!

Dublinia Walls

Next, we head to the Christ Church Cathedral, the oldest structure of the city founded in 1028! In the interior, you will find the largest Irish crypt! It is famous for the uncommon ‘Tom & Jerry’ window, a mummified cat and rat!

In your list with the must-see historic monuments, you have to include the medieval St. Patrick’s Cathedral! Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland! If the cathedral’s name sounds familiar, you probably remember it from Gulliver’s travels!

In the National Gallery of Ireland, you are gonna be amazed by the remarkable works of Irish and international artists! At the National Museum you are gonna enjoy unique pieces of Celtic art! The Museum of Modern Art, housed in the old  Kilmainham Royal Hospital, is also one of the city’s highlights!

The walk feels complete only when you visit Guinness storehouse, the oldest Irish brewery that has been converted to a museum! Learn the secrets of world-class blacks stout from the experts of Guinness storehouse!

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Romanticism with a green font 

Dublin is full of romance. Liffey river divides the town into 2 sides, creating 11 crossing bridges that are totally worth your attention! I suggest you to visit the futuristic bridge of Samuel Beckett, in the shape of a Celtic harp! Of course do not leave out the Ha’penny Bridge, the oldest pedestrian crossing! Did you know that it was named after the half-penny toll that you needed to pay to cross the bridge?

Now let’s head to Phoenix Park! The great green jewel of the town! It holds the title of the largest European park! Here you are gonna enjoy perfect leisure moments. Relax, bike or feed the deers that roam freely!

It’s time to check out St Stephen’s Green! The green square is overcrowded with ducklings! You are gonna be overwhelmed! Afterwards, go to Merrion Square to admire the statue of Oscar Wilde! It will amaze you!

The Samuel Beckett Bridge!

Samuel Beckett Bridge

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Evening Strolls

When it gets dark, the best advice is to head to the Temple Bar district, the most vibrant neighbourhood of Dublin! The alleys are full of locals! They know how to have the time of their lives! Flirt, pint, music, infinite cheerfulness.. the ingredients of a night’s success!

Vacation in Dublin, the adventurous medieval city that never sleeps!

The Temple Bar

Temple Bar