Vacation in Budapest

Vacation in Budapest

Vacation in Budapest

Budapest is imperial, charming, dreamy and contradictory! The romantic Hungarian capital promises to enchant you! Get ready for vacation in Budapest!

Buda Castle

Buda Castle - Budapest

The best sights in Budapest

The Hungarian parliament is the main symbol of the city. Marvellous neo-gothic architecture and sophisticated lighting! You will admire it during your evening stroll. Do you know that it’s the third largest Parliament in the world?

Keep walking and cross the Chain Bridge. It was the first bridge to link Buda with Pest! You can admire the impressive lion-guards that according to the myth, when the architect realized that they had no tongues, he committed suicide!

Just arrived to Buda, with its Buda Castle! Climb to the top on foot or get the lift! The palace will amaze you!

Walk some longer for more surprises! Fisherman’s Bastion with its panoramic view, Matia’s Church, the king and patron of arts!

Back to Pest, the Heroes Square and the St Stephen’s Basilica standing there! The opera with the unique renaissance murals, and plain streets and buildings full of graffiti paintings and many artists!

Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

Ruin Bars!

Walk as much as you can! Feel the rhythm of the city! In the night you can visit unique ruin bars! Old deserted buildings, with cheesy decoration and live music.

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Hungarian cuisine all day long

Numberless flavours, big delight! Taste the street sweets Kürtőskalács, the delicious cakes served in small coffee shops and of course Gulyás!



Escape from the town

Thermal Springs

Vacation in Budapest means Spa to many people. With more than 110 natural springs, it’s impossible to choose where to go for relaxation!

Budapest and Nature Love

If you are fond of nature , don’t miss to visit the Szemlo-Hegy Cave or the Margaret Island, a totally green and deserted island, which has been a monastery for many years!

Margarita Island

Margarita Island Budapest

Taza Spider

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Train Railway Station

Station Train Budapest

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