Vacation in Bruges

Vacation in Bruges

If you are looking for one of the most atmospheric cities in Europe, vacation in Bruges is tailored for you. Known as the Venice of the Nord, Bruges is a truly mesmerizing destination.

Bruges is distinguished for its canals, tiled streets, the well-preserved medieval buildings, the horse-drawn carriages, the ponds with swans, beer and chocolate fountains! Vacation in Bruges resembles a fairytale! It only takes a weekend flight, to become the protagonist!

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Church in Bruges

What to do in Bruges?

The whole city is a real monument. It is no coincidence that the historic center of Bruges has been declared a World’s Heritage Site by Unesco. From the moment you land in Bruges, you will get impression of being back in the medieval times.

Start your day at the heart of the center, at the famous Market Square. Here you are going to find the city’s most emblematic symbol, the 83-meter tall Belfort Bell Tower, dating back to 12th century. In the past, it served as a treasury and observation spot. If you feel particularly courageous, I recommend you climbing its 366 steps. The reward? Of course, the remarkable panoramic view in the medieval city.

Bruges medieval buildings

In the square you are find the statues of Breydel and de Coninck, the leaders of the fierce Flemish resistance against the French. Traditional buildings of Dutch architecture that house nice coffee shops surround the Market square. After taking your power coffee, stroll around beautiful alleys, picturesque bridges, colorful little houses..

A little further on, you will find the Romeo-catholic church Heilig Bloed Basiliek. This awe-inspiring church was built in 1157 as the chapel of the Count of Flanders. It allegedly houses the venerated relic of the Holy Blood!

A boat ride in the central canal is an absolute must. A unique, albeit touristic, experience! You will admire the most prominent sites of the city. But I warn you, you will brush past the quaint bridges.

Finally, the Minnewater Lake – commonly known as lake of love – lends itself to romantic promenades. The grassy park area full of all-white swans create the perfect scenery for romance. In the summer, all kind of open stage performances take place here. The highlight? The unprecedented harp concerts.

Canal in Bruges

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Museum Discoveries

In Brugges, you cannot skip the museum visits. The Salvador Dali Exhibition is ideal for the fans of the painter, the Museum of Applied Arts Gruuthusemuseum or the Frietmuseum of Belgian Fries for those who seek an alternative experience.

Visit the Diamond Museum, if you want to see live how diamonds are polished. Of course in your to-do-list, you must include the Bruges Beer Experience, boasting a brilliant variety of exceptional brews’. Taste beers of varied styleswhile enjoying a dazzlingview at the boat-backed river.

Of great interest is the Old St. John’s Hospital museum. An exceptional collection of historical medical documents, instruments and artworks. Did you know that is one of the first hospitals ever built in Europe?

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Delicious Belgian Tastes 

A trip is never complete without exploring the local cuisine. Belgium is renown for its chocolates. In Brugges, you will find yourself amidst small shops full of delicious chocolate treats. After the chocolate madness is over, try the most delicious waffles you have ever tasted. Choose between Belgian or Liege goffres! The choice is hard. Not to mention the exceptional specialty dish of mussels with French fries.

Vacation in Brugges, the fairytale-like Town of the Nord. Visit Brugges and enter the time machine..