Vacation in Amiens

Vacation in Amiens

Vacation in Amiens

Amiens is the perfect destination for a weekend flight. Explore Amiens the city with the largest cathedral in France! This emblematic symbol is enough to convince you to visit Amiens. But of course, the city has a lot more to offer.. Floating markets, scenic gardens, impressive architecture, canals, the House of Jule Vernes, to name only a few of its landmarks..

Vacation in Amiens! Carefully rebuilt after WW2, this majestic French town is ideal for a relaxing weekend trip. Dive into the history, culture and green spaces of Amiens.

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Amiens France

Must-see landmarks in Amiens

Start your day with a morning walk at the heart of the town. Here you will find the world-famous Gothic Amiens cathedral. Proof of real technical genius, this site boasts to be the largest cathedral in the whole of France, double the size of the Parisian Notre Dame! Ornaments, lavish decoration, unrivalled carvings .. A real dazzler! Did you know that in the medieval times the cathedral was coloured? To get a glimpse of its old appearance, you can enjoy the night show, which reproduces the original colours of the cathedral!

Next head to the imposing “House with the Tower” or else the house of Jules Verne. An amazing 4 storey building where the imagination of the remarkable writer flourished! This house undeniably witnessed the success of the writer..

Walk around the narrow little streets of Amiens… Time for a stop at the Musee de Picardie. Discover the archaeological finds, exhibits of medieval art or remarkable Revolution-era ceramics.

During your night stroll, stop at the impressive Tower Perret. Beautifully lit, this impressive residential skyscraper rises up to 104 meters in the sky. It’s really hard to miss it!

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A green pause

 Stroll around the splendid canals or relax in the scenic recreation park of Saint Pierre. Grassy lawns, beautiful trees, labyrinthic walking paths, leisure activities & a small lake make up the ideal location for some peace of mind.

Don’t leave Amiens without visiting the beautiful floating gardens, known as Hortillonnages, enclosed by the branches of the rivers Somme and Avre. In old years, these river routes were taken by market gardeners that carried their vegetables. Take the boat tour to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery while learning about the flora of the region.

Vacation in Amiens! A wonderful weekend adventure complemented by the delicious taste of the colourful macarons..

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Amiens France