Trip To India

Trip to India

Trip to India

A trip to India for fans of nature, adventure but also for those who search for True Love! Taza plans your Trip to India in a unique way…

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India Adventures

India Adventures -Taza

Discover Cultures!

Explore India

India Adventures - Travel with Taza

Even if you travel for Business purposes, you must visit Taj Mahal!

Tah Majal

Διακοπές στην Ινδία

Make your Honeymoon special!

Honey Moon

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Taza… Have your own Family in India!

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Let Taza Plan your trip to India like no one else can do …! 

Enjoy the tropical waves and relax on Goa’s sands. Have  safari in the wild nature, enjoy Rafting’s adventures, hike in India’s beauties and feel the Platonic Love in Taj Mahal!

Enter to their culture like no one else canOnly with Taza! 

Goa India

Goa India -Taza
goa elephant india

Let’s have a stroll…

At the foothills of Himalaya in Eastern India At the Temples of Bhubaneswar At the old town of Varanasi or Banaras At DelhiJaipur, to see the unique buildings and palaces.

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Stroll in the secret paths of the Town as a local…

Get to know and feel India like no one else does!


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Enjoy your breakfast in Delhi and drink the best Lassi with a member of the Indian Family…!

Let him tell you stories… about evolution of Culture and Religion and even Barat! India of nowadays…!


delhi india

Visit the Towns

Jaipur Mumbai Nepal

Yoga In India-Safari Tour Reach the Indian Cuisine

Local Bars, Progressive India Moods

As locals, we love our country Let us guide you…

restaurant Hive kitchen in India

Namaste… Taza is Greeting you

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