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Place fabricated notch tool (15) between firing pin guide and bolt plug when using a simple aluminumcylinder. *Compatible with 2010 and newer Wolf, Optima, Accura, Scout, and Hunter*, 2010 and Newer Wolf, Optima and Accura Forend Screw, M6 x 1 Carbon Steel Nipples for CVA breech plugs, Silver Pellet Breech plug for Accura, Wolf and Optima, *Only Compatible with models made 2010 and Newer*, This is used and has minor scratches and will not affect use. See a YouTube video of this kit in action Here: http://youtu.be/ELohSHuJkGA. Mag-Sparks makes a very strong 209 shotgun primer conversion nipple that fits sidelock traditional muzzleloaders.